Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Miss My Sisters

This is Kody:
I was checking out Michael Buble and a lot of his jazz covers that he has done (Save the Last Dance for Me, What a Wonderful World, Under My Skin for example). And then I ran into this song and I just wanted to get out and...Dance. I miss you!

Go ahead and turn up the volume and chuck on charleston on the floor! Go ahead, really!


The Fischer Family said...

This is AWESOME! Jonah is on such a Spiderman kick right now (he's going to be Spiderman for Halloween!) that I just laughed as I listened! You're awesome Kody!

Kaysi said...

What an awesome song, Kanyon and I really enjoyed dancing to it!!! I sure do miss swingin' too!

Kori said...

That is some sweet Lindy music there! Thanks for the long distance dance, Kody!

Kori said...

Oh man... I was watching Donny Osmond and Kym truckin' it on DWTS and the REALLY made me miss you!