Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kody & Bryan Snowboarding Steamboat - Part 1

This is Kody:
I went snowboarding with Bryan on Friday and Saturday. The only way to describe how great it was is with this video.

Song of the day: "Shadows and Regrets" by Yellowcard

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Love the Powder...

This is Kody:
Bryan and I went up to Happy Jack to take Tiego and Brazen snowboarding today. Not much happened, but I got a couple shots of some good and bad things. The first is my first attempts at a front flip (I know you can't tell but...haha)

and the second is a reverbed 360. We're heading to Steamboat on Friday and Saturday so keep posted to see some serious snowboarding action from Bryan and me.

Song of the day: "Someday" by The Afters

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tylin's First Day at Church

This is Kody: Tylin went to church for the first time today. We took some pictures. Tiego played in the snow while Mami and Tiffany shoveled snow. We were going to go snowboarding but everyone backed out. Dang. I have to do homework now....lots of homework.

Song of the day: "Things We Go Through" by Hawk Nelson

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bowling with Gianna and Tiego

This is Kody: Eric and I took Tiego and Gianna bowling. It was awesome for 1 game!

Song of the day: "Kids" by MGMT

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiego's First Day Snowboarding

This is Kody:
Today was very uneventful...oh yeah, except it was Tiego's first day to go snowboarding with me. Me, Tiego, Eric, and Gianna headed up to Happy Jack to go sledding but I brought my snowboard and Tiego didn't want to do anything else. He would stand in the middle on my board and I would hold his hands and we'd feather (falling leave) all the way down. It was definitely fun enough that we are planning to go Sunday again (and work it in to the regular rotation). Here's a short video clip...and there'll be more of this on Sunday. Some days I just love being a father!

Song of the day: "Opera Singer" by Cake

Monday, January 19, 2009

From the Lights to Dress Up

This is Kody:
I was lucky enough to go snowboarding with DJ Grubb today and it was another beautiful day. Although we had all day, we went home a little early because DJ got too confident in jumping. Here's a shot of one of his jumps (although he hit a big jump):

I was being lazy today so I wasn't going as big as Saturday (not to mention it was a little more icy). Here's some Indy Air that I didn't land:

Tylin's nurse came by and she is officially out of the lights! That means she gets to sleep in our room and Tiffany can dress her up! She slept well last night, only waking up once at 4:30 to eat. Here's some cute shots:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is Kody:
It's days like today that Saturday's are for. First of all, I woke up early and went snowboarding with Brian and Tersa up at Snowy Range. It was a perfect day and the snow was a lot better than it used to be. We got a full day in but we attacked the big jump at the end of the day and here's the resulting footage:

Brian's big air and Kody's "almost 360"

Brian's small air and Kody's backside 360

Kody's attempt at big air while he is tired

Needless to say, the jumps were MUCH better before we started rolling! I came home and took Tiego swimming at the Rec Center. We played for a while and then someone pooed in the pool so they shut it down and we went home. Fun times though!

Tylin is still under the lights at a 13.2 this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be her last day!

Song of the day: "Time to Pretend" by MGMT

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lights

This is Kody:
As you approach our house, you see a bright blue glow coming from our kitchen. No, aliens haven't landed and are having dinner...Tylin had a doctor check up today and she had a 19.7 billireuben count (20 and you go to the hospital). So a nice lady came to our house and set up the fluorescent lights in our kitchen. It's so hard to do. We have to stand by and let our little girl lay under the lights all day. She can only come out for feedings and diaper changes. I got to feed her today so I felt lucky but all we want to do is hold her! She is looking better already with the yellow leaving her eyes. Tiffany really is an amazing mother. She has to balance Tylin and Tiego (with each of them sleeping in different spots tonight while I work) and she doesn't complain at all. We can't wait to get our little girl back.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go Pokes!

This is Kody:
I love going to the Wyoming Cowboy games. Despite what some of you may think, it is not for the overwhelming athletic talent (although we did win). I like to go to the games because it's a great time with my son. Usually, Tiego and Brazen go and play on the stairs and sometimes even make it on the jumbo-tron for jumping around but Brazen was tired tonight and they left at halftime. After a slushy, Tiego began to actually get into the game and it was fun to teach him who we wanted to score and who we didn't want to score. We would jump up in the air together, clap together, sing Cowboy Joe together, and he would continually kiss me (he thought it was funny). A late dunk put us up 2 and we beat San Diego State! Maybe I can't remember any other games very well, but that was the most fun I've ever had at a Cowboy game...because of my little Cowboy fan. C--O--W--B--O--Y--S! Cowboy! Cowboy! Cowboys!

Song of the day: "Beautiful World" by Colin Hay

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Princess Comes Home

This is Kody:
Everything seemed to fall back into place today. I went back to classes, Tiffany was feeling a little bit better, and we took our little girl home for the first time today. It was in between classes and her billireuben (spelling) count was at a 6 and they cleared us to go. Tiffany dressed her up in a dress that her sister Kristy bought for Tylin (that was handmade in Puerto Rico) and she looked just like a dress up doll. Despite the cold air, Tylin was pretty happy to come home. She's not eating as well as we'd hoped (she's just too lazy to wake up) and she has burping problems that keep us up late at night but we love her so much (can't you tell by how much blogging we do?). She brings such a spirit to the home.

Song of the day: "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tylin Aivry Newton

Our lives changed forever today. Tylin Aivry Newton (pronounced TIE-LYNN with an accent on the LYNN; A-VREE) was born at 11:15 a.m. on January 12, 2009. She weighed 6 pounds even and was 19.5 inches long. She is beautiful and pink.
Last night at 12:00 a.m. Tiffany started having contractions. She had those contractions until we headed to the hospital at 3:00. She was dilated to a 6-7 at that time and
we knew we were going to be there for a birth. Tiffany got her epidural and at 7:15, Tylin was still sleeping (lazy bum). At 7:25 Tiffany's water was broke and she started pushing at 10:30. She pushed for a good 20 minutes to put Tylin into position and then we waited for the doctor to get here. He finally got here and after 2 more pushes, Tylin was born. She came so fast that I couldn't hit the record button quick enough on the camera. She was a tiny little girl. After screaming her lungs out she and getting a little cleaned up, she calmed right down and began to smile at the family that was around. Tiego then came in and said "Baby sister come out of Mommy". She said he loved her and held her for the first time. Everything went well and Tiffany is feeling great. It's time for a nap.

She loved her Mom right away

Song of the day: "Closer" by Joshua Radin (this been Tylin's song since Tiff was pregnant)
Check out the playlist to the right to list to Tylin's list of songs

Friday, January 9, 2009

10 Things I Love and Hate at the Same Time

This is Kody:
Tiffany and I have been watching a bunch of BAD movies lately so it was a relief to watch Ghost Town. We thought it was cute, funny, and clean (except for 2-3 F words). The movie has to do with a man (without giving too much away) that deals with something he loves and hates. Thinking about it, I came up with my own list of 10 things I love and hate at the same time. Here it is:

1. Wyoming Cowboy Athletics
2. The long ride in the morning to go snowboarding
3. The Spider-man Movies
4. Hollandais Sauce
5. High Definition Television
6. Golfing at dawn
7. Eating out
8. Breaking Dawn (and the whole Twilight Series)
9. Snow
10. City League Basketball

Song of the Day: "Breakdown" by Mae

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A is For...

This is Kody:

As I reflect on 2008, I sit here and think about the last semester of school. The work did not stick out to me but how hard we had to work to keep everything balanced. As a New Year’s resolution, I have decided that I want to give the love to my wife that she deserves. Here is what, to me, A stands for:

Amazing: Tiffany went into this last semester determined to further her education and become an early childhood development graduate. This would happen with online classes later and was a possible avenue for Tiffany. She began the semester pregnant, with one child, and a husband in MBA school. She made sacrifices and we had to bring Tiego to a daycare twice a week, but she had an inner sense of accomplishment and progression that she hadn’t had in a long time. For her to try this, it really was amazing.

Agroecology: This was easily Tiffany’s worst class. She was taking it because it satisfied two of her requirements and was the only class that would do that. She had a 2 hour lab on Wednesday and the class was just brutal on her. She had to learn about bugs, plants, and all sorts of things that I wouldn’t even dream of in Spanish. She carried on well and ended up having the best graded website in the class (her group). If there was a word for her pain last semester, it was agroecology.

Assignments: A big part of the MBA program was case analysis. I stayed up many nights until sunrise finishing these assignments. This was also hard on Tiffany because we never got to see each other and I wasn’t able to help out with the family.

Almost fainted: During class, she almost blacked out because of the low blood pressure she has. She scared her classmates and didn’t even bother to call me. She needed to have a Pepsi.

Addicted: She started drinking more and more Pepsi and eventually craved it. I think she is still addicted.

Agony: In November, Tiffany went in to talk to her advisor about classes for the next semester. She looked over Tiffany’s classes this semester and found out that NONE OF HER CLASSES COUNTED TOWARDS ANYTHING SHE NEEDED (except for math). Apparently she already had the requirements that Agroecology counted for and everything else didn’t matter for an education degree. It was all due to human error. She told me this crying on the phone. This was a nightmare and not only did the semester not count, but it was too late to drop the classes. She had to decide whether she would go to school for nothing or forget all of her classes that she had worked so hard for.

Awesome: Even though these classes didn’t count anymore, she continued on. Pregnant, supporting her husband, raising Tiego, and now doing classes that didn’t matter…awesome is the only way to put it.

A’s: The semester finally ended and Tiffany couldn’t have been happier. She decided that she couldn’t go back to school anytime soon so she was done. Through all of the late nights, lack of sleep, frustration, and ridiculous circumstances, Tiffany achieved all A’s in all of her classes (yes, even Agroecology). I was extremely proud of her for doing this, but deep down it didn’t really surprise me that she could do it.

Admiration: This all comes down to how much I admired Tiffany last semester. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it. She did it, and she did it well. She even gave me the time and support to pass all of my classes at the same time. I admire her and what she does greatly.

Appreciation: To top it all off, Tiffany has let me go snowboarding 7 times this season and hasn’t complained once. She even bought me things for Christmas to support my new love of the snow. There is no one in the world that I appreciate more than her. Like A starts the alphabet, I wanted my year to start with adoration for my wife. She is the letter that leaves all other letters behind.

Song of the day: “Out of My League” by Stephen Speaks