Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for Toys

Last Monday, I decided to get off the couch and film a short movie with Tiego. This is only Tiego's second movie and his first speaking role so it was fun and frustrating at the same time. Thankfully, the shoot went well and the movie actually seems to have some kind of message. I love making these kinds of memories. So, for your consideration, here is TIME FOR TOYS.

And don't forget the BLOOPERS!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiego's Costumes

This is Kody:
Well, Halloween was cool because Tiego got a Bumblebee costume, but AFTER Halloween, I got him a number of costumes for cheap that he loves. Here are some pictures.

Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

Tiffany and Tiego NOT finishing G.I. Joe
Tiego falling asleep as Snake Eyes while watching G.I. Joe again

Does whatever a spider can!
A picture of Tylin with pigtails

Dazzlewhite (Dazzlesmile) and Total White

This is Kody:
This is an angry blog and I thought I would just tell you about my experience with a couple of "free trials" that ended up being scams. I ran across a forum that talked about saving money on teeth whitener that really worked. The forum said to do free trials for Dazzel White and Total White and using them both together would give you great results. I put in for the free trials (only paying for shipping) it's been a nightmare ever since. Apparently those "forums" were advertisements and in the fine print I agreed to paying $80 a month for more teeth whitener. So after hours of waiting on hold and canceling these "memberships", I found another charge on my card. I was also charged $25 for a Physical Fitness information website. I had to cancel that but probably will not refund the money. I think I will have to end up changing my card number, because this really has been ridiculous. Beware of DazzleWhite and TotalWhite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is Kody:
Sorry I am so late on these. There's not really much to tell other than we were sick and couldn't do anything.

This is Tiffany's pumpkin. Looks pretty good!
Tiego and Tylin at the downtown trick or treating. Tylin fell asleep.

This is right before the trunk or treat that was outside and freezing! There was barely anyone there!
Tiego and our Autobot pumpkin
Better look at it
Our bumblebees

Would've been a great Halloween if we weren't sick!

On a different note, I got to take care if drunk idiots in costumes for an extra hour on Halloween at Shari's.