Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kody's Recent Movie Reviews

This is Kody:
Kori recently was mad at me because she thought that I had liked "Bedtime Stories" and watched it. I have never seen Bedtime Stories, nor do I plan to. Anyways, to remove confusion, I am posting a list link on the side of this blog to let you know what I have been watching and what I thought of them. I also just opened a blog with it named if anyone is interested. There you can comment on my reviews. I would love to know what you think. Thanks!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reasons I Love My Family: My New Blog

This is Kody:
Hopefully you already know about this but I have started a new blog logging the Reasons I Love My Family. The intention is to pick a person per week and try and remember little things about them and post them on the wall. Please participate. I sent out an email with all of the instructions so go ahead and read that all. Here's the blog:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review: Rockband Beatles on the Wii

This is Kody:
For my birthday, Tiffany got me the Beatles Rockband set. We played for hours on my birthday with the Stokes and Studyvins. It was awesome because we knew almost all of the songs and each instrument (including microphone) was a LOT of fun! Anyway, that night I brought home the game and set up the drums and found out the drums were not wireless. I took it back to Walmart the next day.
I got online and ordered Guitar Hero World Tour with all of the instruments. Today I got it all in and played again. FYI: Guitar Hero instruments WILL work with Rockband 2 and Rockband Beatles on the Wii.
I took the game over to Brian and Tersa's house and we played with the Studyvins again. This time we played 4 hours straight until we finished the game. There a few beloved songs missing but a lot of the songs are there. We had a blast, but the best part about the game is you can plug in up to 3 microphones (we played with 2) and sing the different harmonies/melodies to all of the songs. I sang most of the time :) This would be a BLAST to play with Kori or Kaysi. Or Brig and Jet. Or Brandon and Amy. Anyway, I am completely converted to Rockband/Guitar Hero and you should definitely go out and get this game! Umm, Denny, especially you. I would love to play this game with you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Birthday

This is Kody:
My birthday was great!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiego is Officially in Training

This is Kody:
How long does it take to teach a kid how to snowboard? I was told they can't snowboard until they are 6 but hopefully I can get him on the mountain with me before that. I got my birthday present today. I bought Shaun White Snowboarding that works with the Wii Fit and we played it right when it got here. Hopefully this helps with Tiego's training. I can't wait for snow, and well, snowboarding...not the driving.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiego's First Soccer Game

This is Kody:
We arrived 5 minutes late because Tiffany was garage saling, but Tiego put his Red Dragon jersey on and headed out onto the field. They had to tell him about 3 times which goal he was shooting for before he got it. 3-4 year old soccer is fun! There really is no competitive spirit and the parents cheer for their kids for just looking at the ball. I was impressed that Tiego was following the ball around the field. He played through a couple goals and kicked the ball when he could. He played well and I was proud of him for that. And then this happened:

Tiego scored his first goal! Before the game I told him that I would buy him a Transformer if he scored a goal and he tried extra hard. He ran over to us, all in smiles, and wondered when we were going to Kmart. We smiled back and made sure he hugged us both. I had a hard time not smiling the rest of the afternoon because I knew all along that Tiego knows how to play soccer but he seemed too shy around everyone to attack. I am very proud of my son today!

The next play, Quinn did this:

I love kids!
PS>I love my new camera

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New HD Snowboarding Camera

This is Kody:
I just got a new HD Camera in the mail and I tested it out. Here are 4 videos. Can you tell a difference in the quality of any of them? They should all be about the same but tell me if you can tell any difference. Thanks.

Yes, it is pink to match my snowboard :)

And it only cost $44.

Labor Day at Vedauwoo

This is Kody:
Tiffany said she was going to post this but I guess I will. On Monday we headed up to Vedauwoo with our bestest friends Brian and Tersa. Brian was pretty excited about a waterfall up there so we thought we would check it out. Little did we know, it was an hour and a half hike to get there. It was awesome! I'll tell the story in pictures now.

Tylin had a fun time riding on me like a Tawn-tawn
And she found something to hold onto
Tiego, Carter, and Quinn enjoying a hike breakTiego after climbing up a rockBad lighting but a cute pictureLook closely at Tylin in the middle. Eating lunch when we got to the waterfallOk, Brian said it was cold but it was ICE COLD! We eventually got in (I screamed like a girl) and climbed back behind the waterfall where it opens up into a cave! If we had a flashlight, we would've gone further back but it was pretty cool moving around there, but freezing. Tylin even got inWe did a little exploring after the waterfall
It was gorgeous out there
Do you really think they know where we are?He likes to throw rocks in the waterThis is how Tylin ended the hike. She slept well after the long day

All in all it was a very fun day at Vedauwoo. I love friends that actually like to do things! Thanks Brian and Tersa!

The Streak Continues

This is Kody:
This is becoming a purchase log, sorry, but I was pretty excited about what I found on Craigslist yesterday. It is a high-end, NuVision 52 inch 1080p Deep Black LCD HDTV that I bought for $450. I drove down to Littleton to pick it up (turns out the guy works for an Audio/Visual company and upgraded his stuff). He used it for about 6 months and it really looked new in the box. He had the box even, I got a new wall mount with it, and it still had a year and a half warranty. INCREDIBLE! I guess I wrote him right before 20 other people did and he was nice enough to wait for me to head down with Tiego. I have to say that I like LCD more than my plasma and even Tiffany said she could see a huge difference! I'm pretty much done buying TVs for myself, but if you need one, let me know...I am still looking out of habit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tiego and Brazen's First Time Golfing

This is Tiego:
We were playing golfing home! Where's Ratchet? Brazen was golfing. Tiego was golfing. Brazen had a Bumblebee ball and Tiego had Megatron. I have a Megatron ball. Tiego.

It's the same video, just pick your format :)

Song of the day: "Looking at the Sun" by Gramercy Arms