Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review: Rockband Beatles on the Wii

This is Kody:
For my birthday, Tiffany got me the Beatles Rockband set. We played for hours on my birthday with the Stokes and Studyvins. It was awesome because we knew almost all of the songs and each instrument (including microphone) was a LOT of fun! Anyway, that night I brought home the game and set up the drums and found out the drums were not wireless. I took it back to Walmart the next day.
I got online and ordered Guitar Hero World Tour with all of the instruments. Today I got it all in and played again. FYI: Guitar Hero instruments WILL work with Rockband 2 and Rockband Beatles on the Wii.
I took the game over to Brian and Tersa's house and we played with the Studyvins again. This time we played 4 hours straight until we finished the game. There a few beloved songs missing but a lot of the songs are there. We had a blast, but the best part about the game is you can plug in up to 3 microphones (we played with 2) and sing the different harmonies/melodies to all of the songs. I sang most of the time :) This would be a BLAST to play with Kori or Kaysi. Or Brig and Jet. Or Brandon and Amy. Anyway, I am completely converted to Rockband/Guitar Hero and you should definitely go out and get this game! Umm, Denny, especially you. I would love to play this game with you.

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Kaysi said...

Looks like fun! I can't play the guitars or drums (I stink!!) but the vocals sound awesome.