Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Streak Continues

This is Kody:
This is becoming a purchase log, sorry, but I was pretty excited about what I found on Craigslist yesterday. It is a high-end, NuVision 52 inch 1080p Deep Black LCD HDTV that I bought for $450. I drove down to Littleton to pick it up (turns out the guy works for an Audio/Visual company and upgraded his stuff). He used it for about 6 months and it really looked new in the box. He had the box even, I got a new wall mount with it, and it still had a year and a half warranty. INCREDIBLE! I guess I wrote him right before 20 other people did and he was nice enough to wait for me to head down with Tiego. I have to say that I like LCD more than my plasma and even Tiffany said she could see a huge difference! I'm pretty much done buying TVs for myself, but if you need one, let me know...I am still looking out of habit.


Kori said...

Sweetness! Let me know if you see any great ones in the Dayton area!

Kaysi said...

Let me know if you see any in the Kansas area, like Wichita or something