Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiego's First Soccer Game

This is Kody:
We arrived 5 minutes late because Tiffany was garage saling, but Tiego put his Red Dragon jersey on and headed out onto the field. They had to tell him about 3 times which goal he was shooting for before he got it. 3-4 year old soccer is fun! There really is no competitive spirit and the parents cheer for their kids for just looking at the ball. I was impressed that Tiego was following the ball around the field. He played through a couple goals and kicked the ball when he could. He played well and I was proud of him for that. And then this happened:

Tiego scored his first goal! Before the game I told him that I would buy him a Transformer if he scored a goal and he tried extra hard. He ran over to us, all in smiles, and wondered when we were going to Kmart. We smiled back and made sure he hugged us both. I had a hard time not smiling the rest of the afternoon because I knew all along that Tiego knows how to play soccer but he seemed too shy around everyone to attack. I am very proud of my son today!

The next play, Quinn did this:

I love kids!
PS>I love my new camera


The Fischer Family said...

Oh how sweet! We decided to put Bri in dance, instead of soccer and that's been really fun so far. But I'm sure she'll be a ball player too! (any kind of ball!) Thanks for the videos! It made me feel like I was there with you!

Kori said...

Sweetness! That kid's got talent! Keep up the action figure deal, and he may put you out of house and home.

Anna Beal said...

That is so Stinkin Cute!!! Thats nice there is something like that in Laramie.