Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kody's Recent Movie Reviews

This is Kody:
Kori recently was mad at me because she thought that I had liked "Bedtime Stories" and watched it. I have never seen Bedtime Stories, nor do I plan to. Anyways, to remove confusion, I am posting a list link on the side of this blog to let you know what I have been watching and what I thought of them. I also just opened a blog with it named if anyone is interested. There you can comment on my reviews. I would love to know what you think. Thanks!


Kori said...

Hey now... mad is a strong word. I was mad at the movie for being so stupid and at myself for wasting 100 minutes on it!

Kori said...

Next time I'll check my sources! :)

Lowell Legacy:) said...

I've seen it twice now. And enjoyed watching it with the kids because they enjoyed it. I agree that it was stupid, but entertaining.

The Fischer Family said... my defense I only watched it because of the kids...however, I must say that it is no stupider (more stupid???) then Billy Madison, or Happy's Adam Sandler people! OK...I said my peace! I'll visit the movie blog often..great idea Kody!