Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tylin's First Day at Church

This is Kody: Tylin went to church for the first time today. We took some pictures. Tiego played in the snow while Mami and Tiffany shoveled snow. We were going to go snowboarding but everyone backed out. Dang. I have to do homework now....lots of homework.

Song of the day: "Things We Go Through" by Hawk Nelson


The Fischer Family said...

Kodi Newton! I didn't know you had a blog! Oh you are in big trouble now!!!! It's Kari, freezing out here in KY, wishing I could go snowboarding, but I think that's definately one of the things you are not allowed to do when you are prego! girl is gorgeous (but who would doubt that by looking at mom right?!?!) and Tiego is so studly it breaks my heart! I miss you! Stop by our blog sometime and see what we're up to! Stay warm! HAHAHA!

Kori said...

Red is definitely her color!