Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiego's First Day Snowboarding

This is Kody:
Today was very uneventful...oh yeah, except it was Tiego's first day to go snowboarding with me. Me, Tiego, Eric, and Gianna headed up to Happy Jack to go sledding but I brought my snowboard and Tiego didn't want to do anything else. He would stand in the middle on my board and I would hold his hands and we'd feather (falling leave) all the way down. It was definitely fun enough that we are planning to go Sunday again (and work it in to the regular rotation). Here's a short video clip...and there'll be more of this on Sunday. Some days I just love being a father!

Song of the day: "Opera Singer" by Cake

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Anna Beal said...

That boy has a fun Dad! Good job Tiego!