Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lights

This is Kody:
As you approach our house, you see a bright blue glow coming from our kitchen. No, aliens haven't landed and are having dinner...Tylin had a doctor check up today and she had a 19.7 billireuben count (20 and you go to the hospital). So a nice lady came to our house and set up the fluorescent lights in our kitchen. It's so hard to do. We have to stand by and let our little girl lay under the lights all day. She can only come out for feedings and diaper changes. I got to feed her today so I felt lucky but all we want to do is hold her! She is looking better already with the yellow leaving her eyes. Tiffany really is an amazing mother. She has to balance Tylin and Tiego (with each of them sleeping in different spots tonight while I work) and she doesn't complain at all. We can't wait to get our little girl back.


K and T Gardner said...

Poor thing! I remember having to do that with Tyce and it was just awful, they look so lonely in there. Good thing she didn't go as high as Tiego so you don't have to be in the hospital. Well I hope that she get out of them soon!

Anna Beal said...

Ya Ya...I know she's just chillin in a baby tanning bed. She's probably hoping to get her mother's dark skin. Maybe soon she'll "come out to play". Didn't Teago have the same issue? Gook luck. I hope it passes soon.