Friday, January 8, 2010


Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. There are so many things I could say about Avatar that I want to keep it short and hopefully by the end of this review, if you haven't seen the movie, you will run out and see it in 3D.

This movie changes cinema in a few ways. The first is it brings back to life the EVENT of movies. Where movies on opening weekends can become events (Star Wars, The Dark Knight, etc), Avatar is an event on a weekday at any given time. It doesn't matter who you are with, but this movie takes you places you have never been. After about 45 minutes into the movie, I began forget about the 3D and felt completely immersed into a planet and culture that I did not know. It changes cinema the way surround sound changed it. I remember watching a movie at home for the first time in surround sound and being able to hear the bullets whiz by my head (Saving Private Ryan). I was so amazed that I didn't want to watch movies without surround sound. Avatar does that visually. You get to watch bullets whiz by your head and frankly, I want to watch EVERY movie in 3D like this.

There is so much to say about the film. I literally felt transported in this film. Unlike any movie I have ever seen, I felt it was my mission to tell everyone to see it. And I haven't met anyone that has been disappointed yet. Go see it now in 3D!


Pat Newton said...

I'm so glad you recommended it to us! We loved it. Makes you want to save the trees and the rain forest all over again.

Dennis said...

I have been wondering what I liked so much about Avatar. We just saw Princess and the Frog and it dawned on me that the storylines are almost the same; so it really wasn't the story. Unlike most, I wasn't amazed by the 3D that much. Not sure I really got into the love story. So, for me, it was the fact that it really felt like I was discovering a new world..but not in a Pixar a real way. I was shocked that I never bored during a 3+hour long movie.

Anna Beal said...

I LOVED Avatar! I don't want to see it any other way than the 3D way!

Anonymous said...

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GrowingRopers said...

avatar is so amazing. i completely agree denny! i forgot i was sitting in a theater and felt weird walking around on earth when i left the movie!!! it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!