Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Awesome Garage Sale Streak

This is Kody:
Bryan and Jami were in town so we spent the whole morning garage saling with them. The first thing we bought was a Wii Fit. I have only played the skiing but Tiffany seemed excited. What do you guys like on the Wii Fit? There were a ton of garage sales again and we found all kinds of little stuff, but we got to a house that had a couple TV stands. Yeah, long story short, I got a mounting HDTV stand for $30. I haven't had time to set it up but it looks great in our room! Garage sales will be over soon and I guess we'll have to start saving our money. Oh wait, Craigslist will still be there :)


Kaysi said...

I love the Yoga on Wii fit, I'm doing it everyday to strengthen my back

Playful Professional said...

We used the Wii Fit for a while, but it just didn't provide as much of a workout as we needed so we haven't used it in a while. But the soccer heading and hula hoop are great :)