Monday, August 3, 2009

This is Why We Love Summer

This is Tiffany:
We've had a great summer. We had the opportunity to spend time with both of our families. The greatest part is that I got to make great memories with my own. Time goes by so fast and it is great to know we've spent it the right way.

We waited until we were in Puerto Rico to celebrate Tiego's 3rd birthday. It was special because we had the opportunity to celebrate it with my family which we've never done before. It was very simple, but we had a blast.

The kids played in the pool until 10:00 p.m. It was definitely a great day.

Tiego really enjoyed the park.

Tylin's first time at the beach

Tylin with my beautiful sister.

I got to celebrate my birthday with my family also.

A couple of pictures of my dad that we were lucky to get.

Had a great time kayaking

We left Puerto Rico and went to the Newton's family reunion in
Southern Colorado

We said good bye and went back to Laramie. It was nice to have a little of our own family time.
We celebrated jubilee days. Tiego loved going to the carnival.

Our awesome friend Jamie!

Tylin at 6 months

I just really love these sandals!

I will make her have hair!

We made it to Boise! We've been having a great time with friends and family. We went wakeboarding with our friends Anna and Alex. Well, at least I tried.

Tiego loves Boise, he gets to play all the time.

Here are the kids having a slumber party. Brandilyn and Jodee are great babysitters.

He loves playing dress up. He feels so much older when he's around the boys.

We went to grandma's house, where we had a full day of fun.

Tiego loved playing in grandmas garden.
Hes trying to dig out some potatoes.

Grandma really makes me want to have a garden.

It really doesn't take a lot to make this 3 year old happy. Grandmas house is just an amusement park for my little guy. Like he said "Grandma has everything"


Going down the hill.

Grandma has a truck that Tiego loves, so he asked her to take us for a ride.

We got together and played baseball.

We had a great time swinging on the Ropes

Kody and me

Well, Kody complained about how long this blog is, so I'll be done for now. We've done so many things and are having so much fun that I really wanted to share it all.


Kori said...

You make me miss Idaho so much! I love hearing about all of the memories. It makes us feel like more of a part of things.

Anna Beal said...

What a fun blog post! and what a full summer. Its probably nice to be home again...even if it is Laramie.

The Fischer Family said...

Wow! What a summer you guys have had! So many great memories- I hope you're a scrapbooker Tiffany! I can't believe Tiego is 3...and Tylin is sooooo gorgeous! Oh my gosh! And Grandma makes me want to have a garden too! Thanks for sharing such great memories! I miss you guys! Take care of that beautiful family!

K and T Gardner said...

you guys are having a blast this summer, I'm so jealous! It is very smart that you are enjoying it while you can!

Lowell Legacy:) said...

i loved having you guys down!, come to idaho more often:) we can go to the checks again... i love tylins shoe pictures;)