Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tylin is Growing Up Daily...Literally.

This is Kody:
It happened overnight. Tylin has always been a good sleeper. We could give her a bottle and lie her in her playpen and she would go to sleep. She's been doing that for a several months now. But the last week she has been finishing her bottle before she goes to sleep and she talks a bit. She will crawl around in her playpen, not really crying but letting us know she is there, and then she lays down and goes to sleep. Cool points: 10.

She has been sitting up by herself for awhile now, standing up to the couch for about 2 weeks, army crawling (scooting) for I don't know how long, but yesterday morning she actually started to crawl on all fours. I almost missed it because I was working on the computer, but she crawled across the room to stand up next to me on the couch! She would do it a few more times, but if it was a long distance, she would resort back to the army crawl. Cool points: 20.

This morning I was doing the rounds on the computer again and I hear Tylin talking. I look over at our stairs and she's up 2 stairs! That's not really that big of deal but our stairs are the steepest stairs I have ever seen! Cool points: 100! Father points: -50 :)

I never really realized what I was missing out on when I was gone but since I falsely graduated in May, I really feel like I am huge part of my kids lives and have really enjoyed experiencing them. I feel envious of mothers that get to experience their kids every moments (even though they will never admit they like it...). I'm going to miss these days.

Bryan and I are taking Tiego and Brazen golfing today (9 holes) so be prepared for a blog about that tomorrow. Being a father really does pay off...all the time!

Song of the day: "The Way She Feels" by Between the Trees

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Kori said...

I cannot believe how grown up she is! Nash is barely (and I mean barely) scooting around. It's still a ways from being an army crawl. Imagine a beached whale trying to get back into the water, and that's basically how Nash tries to get around.