Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is This Musical Talent?

This is Kody:
I rarely write about how amazing my kids are because I know that no one will ever feel the passion and emotion that I feel, but today I was quite impressed by Tiego's "talent" to recognize music. It started a little while back when I played "You'll Be in My Heart" by Teddy Geiger (not the Tarzan version), but he recognized it as the same song from his video and called it "his song" (which was the Tarzan version). Good ear. Second, I was humming "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by the Used and he recognized it as the chase scene between Bumblebee and Barricade in Transformers. Lastly, and the most impressive, he was watching Transformers and said to me, "That's the Ninja Cowboy music!" and he was right. We used Transformers music in Ninja Cowboy and Pirate. He hadn't seen Ninja Cowboy for a long time but still knew the music. Gifted or not, he suprised me. I do love my son, and am happy I get to share things in common with Transformers and Ninja Cowboy.

I bought him a small Bumblebee transformer that he spent the whole day converting from a car to robot. He's been sleeping in his bed all night by himself for prizes the next day (golfing, park trips, normal things we would do with him anyway but are converted into "rewards"). When I ask him why I bought him that toy, he always says, "Because I love you." He's supposed to say because he sleeps all night in his own bed...

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