Sunday, December 28, 2008

One More Reason to Love My Husband

This is Tiffany:
Today we were finally able to go to church (we've been sick, stuck in Cheyenne, etc). While sitting in class, my friend Erin asked Kody if he wanted to hold her one month old baby girl. Kody, without hesitating, grabbed the little girl. It was such a sweet sight. Kody was just so loving and excited. It really got me excited to have our little one and see her dad melt with her in his arms. I loved when he said he was ready for ours to come. He truly is a loving daddy. No wonder he is Tiego's favorite.

About me, well...Like Kaysi I'm just getting everything ready for our baby. I've been cleaning non-stop (thank you Kody for been so patient). Our house is so small that I really need everything to be in place. If not I'll go insane. Today I've been making my hospital bag. I'm just feeling ready even though I think shes going to take her time.

This picture is me at 36 weeks.

Song of the day: "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell (this is a great after shower song)

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Carrie said...

Hey Tiffany!! You look Great!!