Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tiego's New Shoes

This is Kody:
Yesterday we went to Cheyenne to take back some things. I got new jeans, Tiffany got new clothes, and Tiego got some Lightning McQueen crocs that he's wanted for a long time...and they were almost completely free. You see, I was on and I found a Disney Cars holder that you could buy for $3 online (usually $10 in the store). I saw it before in the store and it came with Snot Rod so I thought that was a steal. When they sent it to me, they had accidentaly sent me 2 (even though the receipt said quantity: 1). We didn't need two of them so I took one of those back to Target yesterday for store credit. We went to the shoe section right away and sure enough they had Lightning McQueen crocs that were Tiego's size. He wanted to put them on right away and they ended up costing us $2 in difference. Christmas just keeps on giving this year! He wore those shoes to take a nap today.

Song of the day: "Forever Song" by Josh Pyke

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